We Would Like To Thank…

The animal lovers in Chiang Mai are a small, fairly diverse but tightly knit community often sharing ideas and problems and always having the best interests of the animals at heart. Help to Santisook Dogs & Cats comes from groups and individuals who want to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Chiang Mai.

We’ve seen general improvements in animal care in just a few years and with more and more people getting involved the better life is becoming for dogs and cats.

Special thank you

First of all, we would like to thank you every person who has supported our shelter including visiting, volunteering in taking care of the dogs and cats and also donating money to help us running the shelter.

 We would like to give special thanks to Khun Luckana Benjanirat who bought the land at Ban Mung Fu and has allowed us to build a shelter for the dogs.  She is animal lover and always devoting herself to help animals in need.  She has been supported our shelter since we built a temporary shelter at Amphor Doi Saket.  Our shelter has moved to Ban Mung Fu, Amphor San Patong since 2000.  She is one of our shelter’s co- founders who have worked entirely in designing, supervising the construction and maintainingfor the safety of the dogs.  On behalf of Santisook dogs and cats, we sincerely thank Khun Luckana who has made thing possible for us to have a safety place for the dogs.

 We also would like to thank Khun Meena who has supported our shelter in helping homeless dogs and cats in Chiangmai.   She lives in Hawai but came to Chiangmai to practise meditation at Wat Pa Daraphirom, Mae Rim.  She had contacted Khun Fon, who is one of our co-founder to help sterilising the cats at Wat Pa with financial support from her.  At present, the sterlisation’s project has finished and the cats now live at the house in Doi Saket’s area.  Apart from that Khun Meena and her sister, Khun Siwaporn has donated some money in helping us taking care of the dogs. We would like to express our thanks to her and her sister in helping homeless dogs and cats in Chiangmai to have better lives.