Adoption Day Calendar 2016

We have rescued these three cats from Chiangrai.

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We have rescued these three cats from Chiangrai. Beer and Klang were pregnant but because of the birth control injection, the kittens had died in the womb and needs to have an operation. Beer is also disable as she can not use her two back legs and has to drag herself around. Tan had cancer at her breast and already had an operation to remove the cancer. We knew that if we did not take these pregnant cats to the hospital, they will die from miscarriage. The owner asked us to take care of these cats as he did not know how to look after them after an operation. So we have decided to take them back to Chiangmai. Now they are doing well and getting better. The cost for the operations are 5700 baht and we need you help for medical bills. Please help by donating through our website: