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Update Mona’s condition

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We went to visit Mona today, her condition is not good. She is very weak as she did not eat anything and the VET has to feed her food, water and dripping. Now she is blind in 2 eyes as the result of the serious blood parasite and infection. She also can not control herself, she kept walking round and round in the cage. The VET said as the disease is now getting into her brain, she has lost her control nerve. If we put her to lie down, she just lied still and can not move. Even she has survived, her brain has been damaged already. Her condition is still in danger and can not have chemotherapy at the moment until she gets stronger. The VET said her chance to survive is 50:50, she will have a test for liver and distemper today and we should know the result tomorrow. We will update her condition every 2-3 days. On behalf of Santisook, we would like to thank you everybody for helping Mona’s treatment especially Khun Lek and Khun Julian for sponsoring the cost of Mona’s treatment. We hope Mona can pull herself through this difficult time.