Trap Neuter Return Programs (TNR)

Trap Neuter Return (TNR) programs involve humanely trapping feral/stray cats or dogs for the purpose of vaccinating and sterilising them. They are then returned to their environment. TNR is a humane alternative to the often-practised population control method of culling or euthanizing feral or stray animals that cannot be rehomed. Not only does culling not provide a lasting impact on population or public health but as Thailand is a Buddhist country it is rarely practised here. It is important to note that Santisook only performs these programs if there is a caretaker to take care of the animals on a daily basis.

TNR programs originated in and are carried out in North America, Europe, and Australia. While Thailand’s public health authorities have worked hard to eliminate rabies from the country, limited funding and a lack of other resources has prevented the authorities from adequately tackling the problem. There is a growing number of Thai dog and cat lovers who understand the importance of controlling stray populations. As a result, Santisook is contacted regularly by people who need help with sterilising the animals they are supporting, including those who live on the grounds of Buddhist temples. Many of these people do not have the money to cover veterinary costs for these cats and dogs. They struggle just to purchase food to feed the animals.
Santisook works with caretakers, monks, and local authorities to schedule dates when we can trap dogs and cats, and vaccinate and sterilise them. They are then released back to their environment under the supervision of their care givers.