Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Today we took Ping Pong

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Today we took Ping Pong to see the bone specialist for her treatment. Ping Pong was hit by a car and her rear legs have been broken. But when the VET checked her condition, she has a big lump in her lower stomach. From the x-ray, the tissue of the inner layer of her stomach was damaged from the accident and that is the big concern. Due to the damage of this tissue, her intestine and kidney has been slipped through the hole and causes a big lump in her stomach. He recommended her to has an operation urgently as it is a life threatening. For the leg operation, he advised to leave it for a while as now he can walk although it is a bit limping. Tomorrow we will take her to the Small Animal Hospital, Chiangmai University for consulting with the VET about her operation. Please donate to help Ping Pong for her treatment, you can help a little one to have a chance to live by donating through our website: