Time to return to the temple

Ten female dogs from Wat Suppunyu have gone back to the temple after sterilization. This is a sterilization program that we have set up for the temple. There are about 20 dogs residing at the temple and the monks share a responsibility in looking after them. They are very concerned about the female dogs getting pregnant and produced many puppies. Therefore the monks asked us to help setting up a sterilization program for these temple dogs. We organized a vet to come and the monks will bring the dogs to our shelter. After sterilization, the dogs had been in our care at our shelter for 7 days until the wound was healed. Ten female dogs had been sterilized and went back to the temple on Sunday. The cost for this program was paid by the temple. We would like to praise the monks of this temple for taking responsibility and devote their time in caring for these temple dogs. This temple should be a model for other temples in controlling population of temple dogs so the dogs can live happily within the community.
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