Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Temple cat’s project

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Khun Emily from Burm & Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary has contacted us to help with the temple cats. She came across the abbot from Wat Chai Sri Phum in Chiangmai who asked for help with sterilization of the temple cats. At present there are 38 cats that living in the temple and the population is spreading very fast. Khun Fon went to the temple today to help Khun Emily and help with health check. Most of the cats have mange which can contaminate to other cats. We gave them Ivermec injection and deworm and they need to be continued every weeks for 4 weeks. For sterilization, Care for Dogs agreed to help sterilizing female cats. At the beginning, there are 7 female cats have been sterilized. This is the community project to control cat’s population especially at the temples. There are so many abandoned cats and it has been a burdened for the monks to look after them, without the helping hands the temples can not do on their own. We would like to thank Khun Emily for helping with this project.