Tao from past to present

We rescued Tao from the side of the street in Amphor Suthep, Chiangmai. He had an owner but the owner was very negligent and left him for starving. He also had a very serious mange problem. We asked the owner to take him in our care and he had agreed. He was treated with special shampoo and Ivermec injection. Since we had fed him with rice and meat, he had gained weight and looks healthy. Within almost 3 months of treatment, his skin condition is tremendous improvement. His hair had grown back and he looked very handsome. Now he can not walk properly because of his old age and loosing some of his hair. He is enjoying the rest of his time in our shelter with other senior dogs. Recently he had a serious cough but now his health is back to normal. As someone said “Saving one dog won’t change the world but it will change the world of that dog”

(1. Photos of Tao from the first day  2. After treatment 3. present)


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