Street dog called Pom Pom

Pom Pom was found on the side of the road searching for food from the rubbish. She looked so skinny and no hair on her head. Khun Fon had to stop the car and checked out of him. When Pom Pom saw us, she came wagging her tail. From her condition, if we left her there, she won’t be survived on her own. We took her to check with the VET, she has serious blood infection and her ears are infected and full of maggots. She is so skinny and her weight is under10 kilograms. The VET had to clean her ears and gave injection to stop the infection. She also has to take medication for blood infection for a period of time and her ears have to be cleaned every day until the infection has gone. Now we took Pom Pom to our shelter and she is under our care. She ate so much as if she hasn’t been feed for many days. Her condition is improving, she is happy and always wagging her tail. When she is healthy, we will try to find a permanent loving home for her. This is one of many stories of street dogs which was abandoned and struggled to survive. You can help PomPom for her treatment by donating through our website
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