Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Story of Som Klieng

Written by admin. Posted in Dog and Cat Rescue Story

Som Klieng is an old resident of our dog shelter. An old lady had surrendered her and her friends to our dog shelter. The lady was forced to leave the land where she had been lived in a little hut with her 25 rescued dogs for many years. One day the owner of the land forced her to leave and she had nowhere to go especially with many dogs under her care. We have decided to take Som Kliang and her friends to our shelter so they can have somewhere to live. Som Klieng has zero chance to get adoption as she is an old dog and nobody will want her. But one day, her world has changed, Tony came to visit our shelter and saw Som Klieng. He has decided to give her a final home for her, he took her to his home. At first, she was very scared and tried to hide in the corner and did not want to come out but Tony tries to give her confidence by patting and hugging her, Som Klieng can feel the love that he has given to her. She can feel how to be loved and has confidence to wondering around the big garden. Her world has been changed since and thanks to Tony for giving Som Klieng a happy chapter of her life.