Story of Mali

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Mali was rescued from the hill tribe village in Mae Kachan, Chiangri Province. Every day Mali came to visit two foreigners who have been living there. One day when Mali came to see them, they found that one of her eyes was injured and the eye has popped out from the eye socket. They were very concerned as if she was left like that it will be risked of infection which can be fatal to the cat. They brought Mali to Chiangmai and took her to the vet which her injured eye had to be removed. They asked the vet what caused the injury, the vet said it must be caused from human’s attack as there was no sign of injury from dog’s attack or any other signs. Both of these foreigners have to go back to their countries soon and they contacted Santisook to look after this cat. As a result from health check, she is pregnant and from the x-ray, she has 4 little kittens. Now Mali is in our care and she will have babies soon. We have decided to take her in as it will be a great risk to take her back to the village which probably she will not be lucky as this time. You can sponsor Mali and her kittens by visiting our website : and see under donation.

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