Story of Kimchi and Nugget

Khun Shawna has adopted these two beautiful cats from our shelter and this is her story :

I have adopted two cute puppies from Santisook some months ago. These are their photos that I took recently. They are lovely and funny as well, the black one we named Kimchi (like the Korean food dish. I’m half Korean) because when I was eating some she kept trying to eat it too. Of course I didn’t give her any but the name stuck with her. And the spotted striped one we named her Nugget. She came with a Thai name it means Golden but we couldn’t remember how to say it. So my husband thought of Nugget like a gold nugget and it worked out as she will come to you when you call her. Kimchi is my daughters’ best friend and when she is at school Kimchi will stay with me. Nugget really acts like a mom to my kids. She scolds then when its getting time for bed and she won’t stop meowing and pushing them to bed until they climb in. She’s a big sweet heart and our little hunter keeping the bugs and geckos out of the house. She’s even kept my son away from a snake that got into the house. My family and I truly cannot thank you enough for these beautiful cats. We love having them.


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