Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Story of Look Tan

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My name is Look Tan, I was dumped at the temple which there are many dogs and they don’t like strangers. I was small and short legs, I can not run fast. I was chased by the gang and found some bush to live not far from the temple at least just to be safe. One day a lady saw me in the bush and stop to see whether I was all right. She asked the monk what happened to me. Then she gave me some food and I will sneak out from the bush at the night time. Then the rain came and my temporary home was flood, I have no where to live. I don’t know what I had done wrong and why my owner dumped me. I walked with no destination but luckily the lady was looking for me and she found me. She contacted Santisook to take me to the shelter. She already had 3 big dogs and they are very aggressive. Santisook took me to the shelter to have a safe place to live with many friends. I have a new life now because of the lady who saved me and Santisook, please adopt me so I can have a permanent loving home.