Adoption Day Calendar 2016

story of Big Ben

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We have received a call about abandoned dog with a very bad skin condition in one of the complex around San Sai, Chiangmai. When we met him, he is a golden retriever with very serious mange a bad infection on his skin. He has a very bad smell which affected from his skin. He used to live in front of one of the house but the owner chased him away, now he has no where to live and no protection from the sun and rain. From his look, he must be a very handsome dog before. It is very sad that he does not have a home anymore. We rescued him and took him to our shelter for the skin treatment. He has to take a medicine, spay with Nano and has a bath with medical skin shampoo. After four weeks, his condition should be better and should be clear within 8 weeks. We would like to beg pet owners to take care of their pets when they need medical treatment. Please do not abandon them because they are not lovely anymore and they are sick. It is a hardship for them to survive on their own and no place to call home.