Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Sterilization project , Mae Chaem

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Santisook has joined sterilization project of dogs and cats at BEES Burm and Emily Elephant’s Sanctuary, Mae Chaem, Chiangmai. We are a co-coordinator in organizing VETs and transportation to Mae Chaem which is about 3 hours drive from Chiagmai. Burm and Emily Elephant’s Sanctuary has rescued a couple of elephants and allowed them to roam free in the forest. Emily also has volunteers staying at the village and have a firsthand experience working with the elephant in a natural environment. Apart from elephants; Emily has also taken care of dogs and cats in the village. She always concerns about the grown up population of dogs and cats, therefore she had contacted us to help with the sterilization, seven dogs and three cats have been sterilized as planned. This project has been supported by Diana who used to stay with Emily at the Sanctuary before; she also helped with fund raising for this project. We would like to thank Emily and Diana for taking care of village dogs and cats at Mae Chaem and hope we can have a joint project again in the future.