Sterilisation at Pack Squadron Army Camp

On 22 – 23 May, we had field sterilization at Pack Squadron Army Camp at Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. There are almost 500 stray dogs living in this area which is very big more than 100 rai in total. The lady who is a horse rider contacted us to help with sterilization of these dogs in order to control the population. She also sponsors for the cost of this project. We brought our three VET volunteer at the camp and we sterilization there. As the area is so vast and the dogs are living in different area, it is very hard to catch them. We have to use dog traps, sedative drug and hand-net in order to catch them. Another obstruction was a heavy rain and the dogs tried to hind in the bush. In two days we had sterilized 20 dogs, male and female. We also rescue on dog with serious mange and need to be treated, also one puppy that they owner does not want to keep her. We will try to find new home for her. We will dog back again on 25 – 26 May to do more sterilisation.


Volunteer vet Ryan sterilises a street dog in Mae Rim


10408780_861408363947379_5176172469542117265_nSterilization image

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