Sterilisation program -Wat Suppunyu

We have recently been contacted by the monks from Wat Doi Suppunyu located in San Pa Tong district. They shared with us their concerns about the temple dogs’ pregnancy issues leading to over-population of dogs at their temple.

At the moment, there are about 30 dogs living around the temple and the monks have been kindly looking after them.
However, there is now a new over-population concern because a few female dogs had previously given birth and one or two are currently pregnant. The two pregnant female dogs were dumped at the temple which is an unfortunate but regular occurrence at all temples, as well as shelters.
We went to visit the temple and observed that there were many dogs which were separated into different groups living around the monks’ residences. Most of the dogs seemed to be doing well and looked quite healthy under the watchful care of the monks.

The problem is that the monks realize the importance of sterilizing the dogs and the cats at the temple, but of course they do not have the means of performing the medical procedures, so they came to us for advice and assistance.

At present, the female dogs are getting a birth control injection every 4 months which is one method of birth control. The problem is that if the animals receive too many birth control injections, it can lead to and cause infection of the womb, in which case the dogs would need to have a much more complicated surgical operation to remove the womb.
We advised the monks to consider a comprehensive sterilization program and offered them assistance by arranging for a veterinarian team to come to the temple.

We will organize the entire process and will also keep the dogs under post-surgery care at our shelter for about 7 days after the surgery before returning them to the temple. The entire cost of this program will be covered by the temple monks.

We, at Santisook Foundation, would like to use the sterilization program at this temple to serve as a model for future similar programs at other temples in order to control the population of the temple dogs and cats, which we believe can greatly improve the quality of life for all the cats and dogs living at temples

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