Santisook Dog and Cat 🐕🐈Rescue Not Accepting Anymore Animals

Santisook Dog and Cat 🐕🐈Rescue currently has over 300 dogs and over 200 cats in care and cannot take anymore. Santisook has a very small body of staff, a few volunteers, and resources stretched to breaking point, making it a struggle to look after all the animals. In addition, Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue is the only organisation that rescues cats in the Chiang Mai area. As a result, the shelter has had to shoulder the burden of the over-population of cats. Constantly taking on cats and dogs, particularly where adoptions are infrequent, results in an over-crowded shelter and over-burdened staff. Importantly, it sends the wrong message to the community – that abandoning animals is acceptable and that they can simply be given away to someone else to take care of. Therefore, Santisook now focuses on assisting people in the community to care of the animals they have, helping with sterilisations and vaccinations, and on carrying out mass sterilisation and TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs. Santisook also holds a twice monthly adoption fair at the Airport Plaza in Chiang Mai where small numbers of cats and dogs have the opportunity to be adopted. Bringing in more cats and dogs into the already over-crowded shelter is not a good outcome for the animals, staff or the community.


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