Adoption Day Calendar 2016

RIP Loung

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Loung has rested in peace now, we had to make a very painful decision to put him to sleep. For the last two weeks, his condition had been deteriorated and he had to put on oxygen. When we visited him yesterday, he struggled to breathe and just survived on oxygen mask. It is a painful decision but we have to help him from suffering. This is our second cases that we have to do. We had been checked with the VET everyday whether he had a chance to improve but with no avail. He was hit very hard on his head on the left hand side, his brain was damaged and he could regain consciousness. He was put to sleep last night to end his suffering and this morning we had organised a religious ceremony for him at the temple. The monks prayed for him and his body had been cremated. Now his spirit will go to heaven and we would like to thanks everybody for donating for his medical treatment and also all the kind support that we have received from many people. Loung has gone but we still have many strayed dogs and cats to look after til the last day of their lives. Please support us by volunteering or donating to help us to continue our mission in helping street dogs and cats to have better lives