Rescued operation

We have been contacted by a lady who took photos of dogs and cats cramped in a small cage. Khun Lek of Santisook Dog and Cat Foundation and Khun Sanya who is a founder of Animal Welfare Centre, went to investigate as this case is considered as cruelty to animals. As you can see from the photos, the cage is put on the corner of the street in front of the house. We saw 2 poodles jumping up and down and desperate to come out from the cage. Behind the dogs, we could see 4 cats clinging to each others and when we stood in front of the cage, they made a very loud noise and tried to get out. Inside the cage, there was a tray with rotten food and a bad smell. There were dogs and cats’ waste inside the cages. It looked like this cage had never been cleaned. We spoke to the owner, who said these cats are not hers, she has been feeding them and keeping them in the cage as she was afraid they will be poisoned. We said to her that it’s cruel to animals to put them in a small dirty cage as dogs and cats should be separated and have a free space to walk around. Their conditions are very poor and unhygienic, the kittens looked sick and unhealthy. We took all the cats, the kittens and the two dogs for vaccination and health check. The kittens have distemper and two of them have already died. The four cats are under care of Santisook. Please consider to provide good homes for these cats as they have been terrible treat and they deserve to have loving homes. The dogs have been vaccinated and took them back to the owner as she insisted that she wanted to look after them and improve their condition. . We will go back to check again whether the owner has improved their condition, otherwise we will take another step to take them away.

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