Rescued operation–cruelty to animal

Today we have received a call from a lady who asked us to check about the mistreated dogs. These two Golden Retrievers have been chained in the abandoned orchard for many months. The owner mistreated them by restricting their freedom and did not give them enough food to eat. This lady has been feeding them as much as she can. Both of them are skinny and not in good health. We went to the abandoned orchard with the police and the Head of the village in order to force the owner to release these two dogs to us. If not, we can charge them with cruelty to animal under the new legislation. At the end the owner agreed to hand them to us. We took these two to our shelter in a separated cage as they have not been vaccinated and have problem with blood parasite. They need to take doxy for while to get them back to normal. They are very beautiful dogs, very friendly and love to be with people. We are looking for a good home for them, if you want to have a new member to your family please think about adopting them. Considering what they had been through, we are sure they will give you love and royalty till the end of their lives. Please contact us through face book or email: or phone Khun Fon on 081 6382105 or Khun Lek 085 0355523.
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