Please sponsor wheelchair for Bee Bee

BEE BEE was rescued from the road behind Payap University in Chiang Mai by the ladies who work for our shelter. They saw her sitting on the road and did not move away from the car, they stopped the car and checked her condition. She was hit by a car and her two rear legs were swollen. They carried her and put her on the pick up to see the VET. With the x-ray, her spinal bone is damaged, the VET can not do anything to save her from paralyse. Now we are taking care of BB at the shelter. She walks with her two front legs and drags her two rear legs along the cement floor which can cause an open wound in her leg. Sometimes, she can stand with her 4 legs for a few seconds. We want to make wheelchair for her which has to be ordered from Bangkok, it will cost about 4000 Baht with delivery. At the moment we have 300 dogs in our care. If you want to help BB to walk again, please consider sponsoring wheelchair for her, any amount of money will help. BB is very friendly beautiful dog, she must have a owner before. We are looking for someone who can adopt for foster her. She will be suitable for house with smooth floor surface like tile floor which will not scratch her skin on her leg and hip while she is walking without wheelchair. If you think you can provide her a place to live, please contact us on email: or phone 085 0355523 or 081 6382105, BB is waiting for you.

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