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Please donate to help Lung

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Lung is a lovely dog but her owner dumped him at Moo Ban Aua Arthorn Complex in Chiangmai. He is very lively and friendly with everybody. Last night, Lung was hit by a car but he survived. The lady called that he was still breathing and need to be treated urgently. We asked her to take Mee to the hospital urgently for treatment. He was still unconscious due to the hard hit on his head and he had an internal breeding due to the torn lung. The VET said his chance is 60/40. After admitted or two days, the cost of the treatment is already 2700 bahts. We expected to pay more for his treatment as he is quite serious condition. Please help Mee to have a chance to live by donating through our website: or transferring to our account: Santisook dog and cat rescue foundation, Siam Commercial Bank, Saving, Account number 403 783 4644. Please inbox to tell us for your donation for Lung. ( 447 Views)