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Ping Pong had an operation last night

Written by admin. Posted in Dog and Cat Rescue Story

Ping Pong had an operation last night and he is very well recovery. The operation was successful, the VET has removed the infected tissue and part of the big lump from his stomach. Some part of the dark tissue need to send to the laboratory for testing. He still can not control his urine as his nerve on his hip was damaged. This can be a permanent damage or if lucky this can be improved by taking medicine to help improving his nerve. Also the bone in his tail is broken and may be need to be amputated in the future. The VET is so amazed with this little one how he can survive for almost 10 days with a bad infection inside. Ping Pong is a fighter, he just wants to survive. He still needs to be in the hospital for another 7 days. His wound needs to be cleaned and need to have antibiotic injection. We would like to praise him for his great fighting and never give up, you are gem Ping Pong.