North Bangkok Municipal Court has sentenced a 18 month.

North Bangkok Municipal Court has sentenced an 18-month imprisonment without suspension of punishment for the 4th cases in the history of Animal cruelty!

The case involved a man who asked some cats for adoption from many posts via social media, but he ended up killing and having them lost, with a confession that he committed such crime for 9 cats

After a month of forwarding the prosecution and an order of investigation by the court, in 22nd of September, 2016, North Bangkok Municipal Court has finally sentenced the accused with an imprisonment penalty without suspension of punishment.

The accused: Mr. Panuwat Singsahad

has been sentenced, in regard to the Animal Cruelty and Animal Welfare Act, 2014, and according to the 9 cases with 9 victims, with 4-month imprisonment penalty per each case, with the total amount of 36 months.

However, since the confession were made by the accused and there has been an imprisonment penalty with a suspension of punishment before, the sentence has been reduced by a half and the suspension of punishment is therefore not necessary anymore, so the sentence would be 18-month imprisonment without the suspension of punishment.


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