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Need help to sterilize these cats

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We had been contacted by a lady who wanted us to rescue 10 dogs and 27 puppies. They have been lived in an isolated area and now during rainy season it very hard to get in by cars. We went to visit her house and we quite shock to see many cats are living in small cages. They are all together 21 cats and all female. She said they are strayed cats and she is looking after them. She has put the cages in the brush area, the cages are so dirty and never been cleaned, water blows were full of cat waste. We spoke to the lady that cats should live freely, they should not be in a cage, if you want to feed them just put the food for them and let them roaming around. She said the reason for caging them is she does not want them to pregnant as she cannot afford to sterilize them. We understand her good will and we will try to help her, as a result we have decided to take all 21 cats for sterilization. After sterilization, some will go back where they were by letting them free and some will be resided at our shelter and we will try to find homes for them. Sterilization is the answer for over populated cats and dogs that why our mission is trying to sterilize strayed cats and dogs as many as possible. Sterilization can help your pets to have better health and stop the unwanted kittens and puppies. We need your support and donation to cover the cost of this sterilization project. You can donate through our website or transferring to our account.