Adoption Day Calendar 2016

need cat food and litter sand

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Santisook cat shelter has been looking after 140 street and abandoned cats and on the way to increase, this include injured, sicked and disabled, homeless cats and kittens. All our cats have been sterilized and finding a home for them especially kittens that we have rescued and born at our shelter from the rescued mothers. It is not easy to take care all of them because they have to be kept together, nevertheless they are from different places and can bring many diseases to other cats. However, we have tried our best to take good care of them and make them happy and healthy. Our goal will not be reached if you do not have support from you. You can help by donating cat food, such as dry or can food and also disposed sand for the cats and also toys for them to play. You are welcome to come and visit them. We open everyday and they are waiting for your help. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you.