Nami – The Dog Whisper and Bodhi

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Nami – The Dog Whisper and Bodhi Nami Kim is a retired lecturer from the Hansin University in Korea. She has been permanently settled in Chiangmai for almost a year. While the Korean animal lover is not a vet, she is blessed with a special skill to address a canine’s emotional state of mind, much like a psychiatrist. After six months in the northern city, she decided to use her talent to work with troubled, stray dogs she found in town. It didn’t take her long to begin volunteering at the local dog shelters. It was very much by accident that Kim stumbled upon what she calls her special “telepathic” powers to communicate with dogs. She puts the acquisition of the skill to become a “dog whisperer” down to practising Vipassana meditation. “Being a dog whisperer is different from training a dog,” she explained. “Dog training for me equates to dominating the dog, while to be a dog whisperer means listening to it.””Dogs suffer from trauma, both physically and emotionally, like humans. Whisperers heal traumatised dogs that suffer from heavy stress, or who have gone through immense cruelty. When I am able to connect with a hound, I start a conversation with them. Basically, what I do is to ask the dog to open its mind, share its story, and then I apologise for what humans have done to it.” After months of working with Bodhi, she has begun to show improvement. Her eyes show no more fear, she looks stronger emotionally and is now more open to exploring her environment. The hound uses her two front legs to show excitement, and begins to make doggy sounds, as her curious eyes meet Kim’s. Nami uses her whispering and touching to heal Bhodi’s scar. Every hour that she has spent time with Bhodi, she has improved and gains her trust with people little by little. And now we cannot believe how she becomes so friendly and want to be around with people. Thanks to Nami who has turned Bodhi’s life around, and we are happy to see this is happening in our shelter. It is a good sign that there are more to be healed. Working with dogs is a gift. We tend to underestimate dogs, caring about psychological characteristics of dogs is important. Dogs suffer from trauma too. A Dog has an intelligence of an average 3-5 year-old child (ability to learn 300 words). They can also get hurt with emotional depression. Dogs need whispers just like we need psychiatrists. Not only are there vets for physical care, but also whisperers for psychological care. All dogs need love, just as humans and living things need love to survive. Whisperers are healers listening to what the dog has to tell you. Whisperers read the minds of dogs just like dogs read our minds & energy, with more than five senses. Humans and dogs have the same five senses in common, yet they perceive the world differently. By learning dog whispering you can understand what your dog needs and feels. If you are interested in learning how to get connected with your dog, or if your dog has a psychological problem, please contact Nami Kim at, or call 090 759 1656. You may also contact or visit Santisook Dogs and Cats Rescue or visit if you want to see how Nami whispers to the dogs.

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