Nam Daeng, new arrival from Tak

Our new member has arrived from Tak Province, his name is Nong Nam Daeng. Nam Daeng was hit by a car and paralyzed from the hip. He can not walk on his own and need wheel chair. Khun Wan had been taking care of him for a while and she has to move to Chiang Mai which means nobody will take care of him. Nam Daeng used to live at the Tak municipality’s office. Khun Wan contacted us and asked for help in taking care of Nong Nam Daeng. She had tried everywhere to find somebody to take care of him but with no success. When we heard about his sad story, we feel so sympathy of him. With his physical condition, he won’t survive by himself. We have decided to take him in our care even we’ve already had more than 300 dogs to look after. We will look after him and give him a new life and hope to live for. He needs to be on wheel chair twice a day to prevent pressure sores. Please help Nam Daeng by donating for his treatment and care through our website:


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