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Mona, another survivor

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Mona lived in the temple and used to have an owner but the owner died sometimes ago. Since then she was survived by searching for food in the temple nearby. One day when we parked the car in front of the temple, she walked and collapsed in front of our car. When we checked with the monk she also has 2 survived puppies in her care. She has the worst TVT we have seen as the tumor is quite big and inflected. Also her body is full of tick and flea. We have decided to take her and the puppies to our shelter. Her chance is survivor on the street is very slim. Now we took her to check her health and will start to have chemotherapy to treat her TVT which will be at least 4 injections and see how the condition can be improved. Her treatment will cost about 4000 Baht and we would like to ask for donation for her treatment. Please help Mona by donating through our website: