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Miserable life of dog called “Oon”

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Today we have received an emergency call by a woman who found a dog, may be hit by a car, and sit in the drain on the side of the road to Mae Oon, which is about 40 kilometres from Chiangmai. When we reached there, we found a dog with disable front leg sitting very quiet there. She tried to stand up but could not so we took her to the VET hospital for check up and x-ray. From an x-ray, she has a broken pelvis but not the hip which is very lucky as she still have a chance to walk again. The VET advised that she does not need to have an operation but needs to take calcium and phosphorous to help the bone to join back again which can take time. We gave her a name “Oon”, she is very nice dog with friendly character but she has a very tough life. Now Oon is at our shelter and we will look after her till she can be able to walk again even with three legs. Her front leg needs to be amputated as it can not use and can cause infection. You can help Oon by donating via our website: