Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Meechok was so lucky

Written by admin. Posted in Adoption

Meechok was so lucky, she was hit by a car and lied on the middle of the busy road. Two kind ladies saw the incident and went back and took her to see the VET for checking. Luckily her hip has not broken, she still can walk. She has a wound on her side and on her two legs. The ladies picked her up from the hospital and no where to keep her. They live in the condo so they can not take care of her. They brought Meechok to the shelter and asked us to take care of her. We have agreed to take care of her but in the mean time we are looking for her owner. We think she must have an owner as she is very nice and so friendly with people. Please contact us if you are her owner or if you would like to adopt her. She such a beautiful dog and she will be your best royalty friend.