Mali – a surrogated mum

a mother cat that gave birth to 5 kittens at his house. The mother took one kitten away and left behind 4 little kittens to survive on their own. The doctor asked if you can help to find a surrogated mother for these new born kittens as they have lived without milk for 2 days and the chance of survivor is very slim. We think about Mali, a mother cat who just had 3 new born kittens 2 weeks ago. We brought these four orphaned kittens to Mali for feeding. As mother’s instinct, Mali has shown her love to these kittens straight away and allowed them to suck her milk. Now the 4 orphaned kittens are doing well under care of Mali and hope they are all will survive. Mali’s story teaches us as a human being about the love and kindness that we should embrace each other and the world will be better place to live
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