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Mai need help for her operation

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Mai was hit by a car and had been rescued from the street by a lady. Mai has been admitted in the hospital for 2 days and the lady who first rescued her had paid her treatment for over 2000 baht and she can not afford to keep her in the hospital. She contacted us and asked Santisook to take her case, from the x-ray, she has a broken jaw and swollen in her brain due to a hit on her face. She walked round and round which is a sign of brain damage. More serious is she can not eat by herself; we have to feed her some liquid food and water by opening her mouth and feed through a tube. Her condition is in a serious condition and she needs to have an operation to help her with eating so she can survive.Please help Mai to have a jaw operation which the cost is very high. We will take care of her till her condition is better and have some fund enough for her operation. You can donate through our website: