Lucky Survivor

Yesterday we received a phone call about the kitten has been seriously injured from hitting by a car. I was so depressed to see her condition but she is still alive and we asked the doctor to examine her. She has lost one of her leg and most of her skin has gone. From the VET’s opinion, he wanted to see her condition for another 2 days and then will make decision whether to put her to sleep. Now she is closely monitored by the VET, her wound need to be properly treated to avoid an infection. Her condition is still serious but stable. We hope she can pull off and survive this tragedy. Many cats and kittens have been killed on the roads every day, we always encourage the owners to sterilize female or male cats to stop the breeding circle which will be reduced population of stray cats. You can help Wasana by donating towards her medical cost, please log in our website or bank transfer to our account, please see details in our website.
Wasana has passed away yesterday
Poor little Wasana has passed away yesterday morning. She has stopped breathing and died quietly. Her spirit will go to heaven and she won’t be suffering anymore. We all love you.
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