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Lonely Nill, living with pain

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We have been contacted by a lady who said she found the dog living under the bridge by himself and noticed that his rear legs are limping when he walked; she suspected that this dog might be hit by the car. She tried to feed him everyday and she thinks that may be this dog will have an owner but could not be found. She could not find him for almost 2 weeks, when she saw him again, he could not walk with 4 legs but has to drag himself with 2 front legs. He looks very skinny and in a bad shape. She decided to take him home but she could not take him to see the vet as her family has not got money to pay the bill. When screamed when he walked may be from the pain. She contacted us for help, and we went to see him next day and decided to take him to see the VET for checking about his legs. From the x-ray, the bone from his hip was come out from the socket and that caused him not to be able to walk. The VET said if he has been treated immediately after the accident, we can save him and he should be able to walk again but this is too late and he won’t be able to walk like normal. He still has to use his 2 front legs to drag himself. But with physiotherapy and some calcium supplement, it can help him with his walk. Now we have dressed his open wound from his legs and start giving him doxy and calcium supplement. We also help him with physiotherapy his rear legs and hope that he should be able to walk even his four legs again. Please help Nill by donating via our website: