Leo needs help

We have been contacted by Khun Nong from Rayong province asking us to help Leo, the puppy that had been injured and paralyzed two rear legs from hitting by a car. At the beginning we explained to her that first we have already 300 dogs to look after and second to look after a handicapped dog is a hard work but Khun Nong still insisted that Leo need a safe place to live, he lived at the temple and nobody looking after him. After consulting with our group, we have agreed to look after Leo but Khun Nong had to transport him to Chiangmai. Now Leo has been living in our shelter. He has open wound in his hip and rear leg from sitting in the same position so he needs wheelchair to help him so he can walk. It’s a big job for us but Leo is a wonderful and lively little dog. He is loved by everybody and other dogs. You can help Leo by donating money to help taking care of Leo or if you can adopt or foster him by contacting .Santiksook dogs and cats rescue
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