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Kitten blinded by youths

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Kittens eyes have been poked out

Kittens eyes have been poked out

While visiting Bangkok, our cat friend Meena saw youths playing very roughly with tiny kittens. Locals asked Meena if she could take the kittens away for safety, one kitten was already injured. Closer examination revealed that her eyes had actually been poked out!

Meena collected up the whole family and sent them up to Fon at our cat shelter in Doi Saket.

The blinded kitten, named Nam Pang (Honey Bee) was about half the size of her sibling. Unable to find her mother, she rarely got to the milk. Left with her owner, she was destined for a very slow death.  A vet check showed there was nothing to do but give antibiotics for the infection and regular cleaning for the wounds. Fon then just had to monitor her healing.
Now she’s growing up in the safety of our shelter. Her scars still need regular daily cleaning, but other than that, she’s doing well. Being blinded at such an early age, she doesn’t know any other life. As with many blind animals, she doesn’t seem aware of her differences and runs and plays, showing no fear of bigger cats or new arrivals.

Playing with his friends at the shelter

Playing with her friends at the shelter

Fon has decided that Nam Pang should stay with us at the shelter. She has lots of kitten and cat friends to play with, and we know she will always be safe.

Now five months old and doing very well!

Now five months old and doing very well!