Julia is one of the case of a dog that has been neglected

Julia is one of the case of a dog that has been neglected.

Julia has an owner but her owner left overseas and she has been look after by the owner’s sister. Julia lives in the house alone and the owner’s sister comes to feed her. She called us and told us that the dog has a serious skin infection and she took her to treat at the VET but still her condition is getting worse. We went to see her and she is in a very bad condition and very smelly from her infected skin. The lady asked us to take her to treat at the dog shelter which we have agreed that the lady has to pay for medicine. She has agreed and brought Julia to our dog shelter for treatment. It has been almost 3 weeks, we have not heard anything from the lady who looks after her.

We tried to contact her but unsucceed, we would like the lady to contact us otherwise we will find a new home for her.

Julia needs to treat with expensive medicine for her infected skin and proper medical shampoo. We think she has never had a bath as she smells so bad.

Julia is nice and quite young dog but has been neglected for a long time. She will be a beautiful dog when her skin has been treated.

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