Who we are and what we do 

Santisook Rescue started in 2009 and is run by small group of Thai people dedicated to helping the cats and dogs of Chiang Mai.  Homeless or ‘street’ dogs and cats are part of our society here but we are striving to make their lives better, and to work within communities to find solutions to dog and cat related problems.

Many dogs are neglected, living on the streets, some sick or starving. Some have been abused, in danger from owners who no longer want them. Dogs in danger from poisoning by people who want to get them out of the neighbourhood.  Puppies dumped on the streets or in temples because owners cannot find homes for them.  Sick dogs dumped because people cannot afford veterinary care.

There are cats too, but they’re not so easy to see. Thousands of them, often living in roofs, or on wasteland. Out of reach of dogs and humans, coming out at night to hunt and to eat.  Cats here can have up to four litters of kittens each year but survival is a struggle and many suffer and die.

We care for approximately 340 dogs and 150 cats. We rescue dogs and cats who are sick, injured and disabled.  Some have been neglected and can not survive by themselves.

Our main focus is sterilising dogs and cats, both pets and from the streets.  Pet sterilisation is common in the west, but here it’s a fairly new solution to the problem of overpopulation.  We hope to show local people that this is better for them and for their animals. Sadly, it’s common practice for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens to be dumped on the streets or in temples or thrown into the garbage when they are not wanted.

We offer a better solution by arranging sterilisation, and in some cases, the full cost of the operation, aftercare and vaccination. Veterinary care prices here are disproportionately high compared to the average wage putting it out of the reach of many people.

Temple cat

We also vaccinate all dogs and cats we have contact with to prevent the spread of  fatal diseases.  

We feed dogs and cats in selected locations as part of our projects (always sterilising and vaccinating). 

We work with local communities to find solutions to dog and cat problems, always, where possible, with a view to allowing the animals to remain in their home area. When necessary we will always remove the dog or cat for it’s own safety.  We also work in temples to try to ease the burden on the monks and nuns who find cats and dogs regularly dumped on their door step.

In April 2010 we moved our dog shelter to a big new site near Sanpatong south of the city, set in a lovely logan orchard in a very peaceful place. We need funds urgently to build more shelter areas for the dogs and to pay for a full time shelter caretaker and veterinary costs and food.

Most of our dogs and cats are available for adoption and can be seen on our Adoption page. We invite you to get in touch and make an appointment to come and meet them.

Donations will be greatly appreciated for these projects.  We also accept donations of food and other doggie and kitty items! We welcome visits to our shelters, by appointment please.              Thank you, Khun Fon 



This is a non-profit charity, 100% of donations are spent on the care of our shelter residents and street dogs. Please support our work and help us to help the dogs. Click donation or contact Khun Fon on 081 6382105 or email address contact@santisookdogsandcats.org Thank you.