Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Helping hands from our Volunteers

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We had two lovely volunteers working with us three weeks during April. Nicola Ellar and Marie Habedank are from England and Germany. Nicola used to volunteer with GVI at Mae Chaem before and Marie is an exchange student under AFS program. Marie has been worked as a Teacher Assistant at Saruburi which is a province to North Eastern of Thailand. She came to volunteer during her school holiday. Both of them worked very hard and happy to help our dogs and cats. They cleaned the cat shelter, fed the cats and played with them. They also helped with the vaccination of our dogs and gave them a bath. When we have a rescued call, they came with us and help catching the dog, his name is Yoda. When they went to surround him, the storm started with lightning and heavy rain but they are not afraid and the end we can catch him and took him to treat with blood parasite and serious mange. Both of them love animals especially dogs and cats and said their experience with Santisook is really make their eyes opened how we run the shelters and taking care of almost 500 dogs and cats. They said they never realised before how hard for us to keep these shelters going and this work is always go under noticed, it’s not a paid job but we do because we determine to help street dogs and cats to have better lives. We would like to thanks both of them for volunteering with us. Both of you have shown passion and determination to do anything to help our dogs and cats . Your contribution is very worthwhile and highly recognised by us.