Helping Hand from US Army

We were very welcomed the team of US Army who came to visit our shelter on 18 February. This team is part of Cobra Gold which is a joint military training between US Army and Thai Army. US Army which had been stationed in Phitsanulok, the army sent military personnel to help communities around Phitsanulok including Chiang Mai. These personnel including doctors, dentists, construction personal and including VET, would go around different communities with health care service. This group chose to come to our dog shelter at Nam Po Luang, Amphor Sankampang with the support of Livestock Department and Nam Prae Municipality. They help vaccination rabies and de-wormed all the dogs in our shelter which is about 250 dogs. To catch all the dogs had been challenged, all the Care Takers had to help catching dogs which are very wild and scared. We have to use many tactics like blanket and cornering them. At the end, all of them had vaccinated and de-wormed. We would like to thank you US Army personal who worked very hard and no fear. We are really appreciated your support and good will to our communities and our shelter.

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