GVI Dog Sterilization Project 29th August

Last week we packed up our trucks and headed off on the 225km journey back to Mae Chaem to continue our dog sterilisation project with GVI. We had two vets, Kn Jaidee and Kn Fak, nursing assistant Kh Unn, Kn Dip with his blow-dart gun and two Santisook volunteers. Also on hand to help were the staff and volunteers at GVI Base Camp. It was a very successful trip – Sterilising 18 female dogs, 2 male dogs, 2 female cats and 1 male cat. Kn Dip bagged 14 dogs in total, he’s one cool dude with that blow-dart gun! Two of the pregnant dogs had given birth to 10 puppies between them! So we’re not finished yet. We will get these 2 females dogs sterilised in a few months time and we plan to go back in six months to sterilise all of the pups. We need funds to help us complete this very important project, please consider donating today, Details on our website. Full story: Karen hill tribe dog sterilisation project with GVI
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