Fluke has a new life

Fluke was found on the side of the road behind Payab University, he looked like a rug as he curled himself in a small shape. He was very skinny and his hair was so dirty and tangled all over the body. He has a patchy hair with a serious skin problem, it looked like he never had a bath in his life. As we had a close look, one of his front leg was bent and could not straight out, his broken leg has fused in bending position. His leg and shoulder had been broken and had set in this awkward position.. He also had 14 wounds on his body, some open, some partly healed. We asked the people who sometimes feeding him, she said she did not know where he came from. He has lived on the side of the road and was hit by a car for sometimes, she tried to help him by giving him medicine but she could not afford to take him to see the VET. As we took him to check with the VET, It’s too late for any type of surgery. Since he has been treated with skin problem, his skin is improving and the hair is growing back. He is in good shape now even he has to walk with three legs. You won’t be able to recognize him if you don’t see his photo before. We have given him a new life like many other rescued dogs that we have saved them, giving them love and a safe place to live.. Fluke is one sample of how we will continue our mission to rescue miserable street dogs and cats to have better lives. You can sponsor Fluke for food and medical bills by donating through our website www.santisookdogsandcatsrescue .org


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