Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Escaping from Death.

Written by admin. Posted in Dog and Cat Rescue Story

Fairy is very lucky, she was survived after hitting by a car. Fon was driving to the VET clinic on Samueng intersection when she saw a lifeless body of the cat on the street. She braked suddenly and asked one of the worker what happened to this cat. She said the cat was hit by a pick-up and must be dead as she had a lot of blood on her mouth and she was not breathing. Fon asked the worker to put the body of the cat on her car so she can bury her. Suddenly she saw the cat tried to move and lift up her head. She picked her up quickly and took her to the VET. The VET gave her an injection to help her from the shock and stitched up the wound on her mouth. Luckily nothing was broken and she stayed at the VET for 2 days. Now she is a happy healthy cat. She lives at our shelter with lot of friends. We called her Fairy and she is lucky to be alive.