Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Duang Dee is waiting for a new life

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We found Duang Dee on the side of the road to Jom Thong. She was hit by a car and was left lying on the side of the road. When we found her, she was eaten by ants and ticks. She was so tiny and about 2 mths old. We took her to check with the VET, one of her rear leg was broken and her spinal was damaged so she can not pass her urine by herself. Because she is still young, the VET did not want to operate her yet. At the moment, she has to take calcium and medicine to help with her spinal system. Now she tries to walk but still limping. She is a very brave little girl. and loves to play with other dogs. Please sponsor Duang Dee to have an operation for her leg so she can walk and play like normal dog. She is lucky to be survived and have a new life waiting for her. You can log in to our website to see details for donation or please consider to give Duang Dee a permanent home