Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Dogs and puppies need help

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The lady called us for help about the dogs and puppies at the earth excavation area around Sankhampaeng, Chiangmai. She said there are more than 30 dogs and puppies around the earth excavation. They live with no shed to protect rain and sun and at the moment no food to eat due to the heavy rain and no car can and truck can go to the area. Sometimes the truck driver will bring some dog food for them but no work at the moment so the dogs are starving. The lady took us to the area but we could not get in by car because the road is so muddy. We had to walk about 4 kilometers to get in and out. These dogs must be taken there by the workers but now they are all moved and left the dogs and puppies behind. There are 5 female, 9 male and 27 puppies. The puppies born from the different mothers. As they are so many, not enough food for them. We took the dog food to feed them and plan to move the puppies out from the area and will try to find homes for them. The mother will be sterilized and we do not know where to place them as our shelter is very full and we cannot take more dogs. May be they can go back to the old area and we can help with food to feed them. Please spread the words if anybody would like to adopt the puppies, they are almost 2 months old and need to have home. Please contact us if you want to adopt them or can help with the sterilization cost for female and male dogs.