Adoption Day Calendar 2016

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Please contact us if you want to visit our shelter or would like to volunteer at the shelters.


Ms Namfon (Fon) mobile 081 6382105
Ms Atinut (Eil) chief coordinator mobile 080 493 7200
or email:

Dog shelter address:
Our present address is at 17/1 Moo 1, Ban Muang Fu, Tambon Ban Mae, Amphor Sanpatong, Chiang Mai 50120. ( 13149 Views)

  • AD D
  • Chris
  • Paul Barth

    I live in a Moo Ban in SanKampaeng,and There is a stray cat that trys to kill the birds around my house,and I would like to know if someone in your organization could pick up the cat?

  • Scott MacDonald

    Chat Conversation Start
    Hi Santisook. A stray dog just gave birth to 8 puppies at our property in Pai. I have been able to get 3 of them spoken for after the 8 week period passes, but have 5 adorable little ones left. I had hopes to get them adopted out of the country while they are small enough to go in a pet carry on. Is there anyway I can bring them to you for help in getting them adopted out? I would supply carry cases for them, and am willing to help pay for the carrier cost fee for adpters, as well as the vet fee for primary shots and certificates. They are now 7 weeks old. Please let me know. Thanks,

  • Wasana Pookpat Hello everyone,

    we live on Samsen Road 6 in Banglamphu, Bangkok. As of the 22nd of October our Siberian cat, Tiny, is lost. It is not unusual for him to wander around the area but would always come back for food and to sleep in my apartment. He wears no collar, has just received a haircut and injections and is about 5.77kg at 2 years of age, black/grey. With the masses gathering around the Sanamluang area, it is possible that he was picked up by someone on their way home. Please see the picture, long hair with his brother and short hair a few days ago.

  • ariadnagarcasnchez

    Someone can help me?
    I work in a factory, close to Promenada Mall, and we rescued a family of cats about 1 month ago (one mother and 4 childs).
    We feed them, we gave them a shelter and we protected them. Now they are very healthy and strong and we are looking for somebody who wants to live together with this great family. They are very beautiful and good cats.
    I cannot do anything else for them and I cannot leave them inside of the factory because not all of my workers are agree to work with 5 cats.
    So, we are looking for somebody with a big heart who wants to give a house and a happy life for them.
    Maybe you think that I’m a very bad persona but my objective is not to do something wrong for them, but is out of my control right know. If anyone has any ideas, I’ll be delighted to hear.

  • Kate

    Can anyone help?

    I have found a gorgeous little Tabby (stripey) kitten 2 weeks ago in the Santitham area. It had a red and white collar and is litter trained, so must have had an owner before. I have been asking in my area and looking on the Chaing Mai pet Facebook pages hoping the owner would come forward – but nothing. I cannot keep it as I am not even allowed pets in my condo! Not sure if it is a girl or boy, but maybe 5 months old? I really need to find it a home with lots of cuddles.

    I cannot upload a picture here for some reason – i will keep trying!

    If you are interested or think it might be yours please let me know!

    Thanks so much, Kate +66 95 1260264, or

  • David Callahan

    We already have one adult female house cat, but would love to have another…
    Does anyone have a young female cat that needs a home?
    Also, are two female cats the best paring?

  • Claire Baxter

    Hi, could you possibly help this dog in San Kamphaeng? He is in very poor condition, and I am not sure how much sight he will retain: his eye infection looks very bad. He actually has an owner, and the dog is easy to find: he is usually on site. Pslease ee the description below for his location. Please contact me for more information or if you have any suggestions.
    ผมกับแฟนอยู่ที่สันกำแพง เชียงใหม่ เราเห็นสุนัขตัวนี้ ทุกครั้งที่เราไปตลาด
    ผมกับแฟนถามคนแถวนั้น เขาก็บอกว่ามีเจ้าของ แต่เขาไม่แคร์ ส่วนอาการของหมาก็คือ
    ตาทั้งสองข้างรู้สึกจะเกือบบอด เพราะมีแต่ขี้ตา เราแคร์พวกสัตว์มาก แต่ไม่รู้จะช่วยยังไง
    เพราะอาการหนักมาก กรุณาช่วยชีวิตเขาด้วยครับ
    ที่อยู่ที่หมาอยู่คือ 71 ม.7 ต.สันกำแพง อ.สันกำแพง จ.เชียงใหม่

  • jaz


    • Dynaxx

      Hi Jaz..we rescued 4 cats and at the present time we have two cats left that are searching for a new house and a lovely friend/owner. They are already vaccinated and super lovely. Please let me know if you are interested.

      • Kate

        I think I have found this cat! It looks exactly like the one I found 2 weeks ago and am trying to find its owner…it had a collar and is litter trained but was lost. Can you let me know if this might be true? Thanks so much! Kate +66 95 1260264 or

        • kate

          It won’t let me upload a picture here but it has exactly the same facial markings and is the right size too. Maybe the person you gave it to lost it. Lease email me and I can send you a picture. Hopefully we can get it back home!

          • Kate

            Or contact Fon at the rescue center who I spoke to today

            Ms Namfon (Fon) Helgers mobile 081 6382105

  • noel kennedy

    Would like to make donation Large volume pet food ,Phone Satreerat 0956839675

    • Derek Banks

      Hi Noel, if you’re the same guy I worked with in Qatar, I was hoping you might get in touch. My email is Either way, cheers.

  • Sue Nicholls

    hi I am coming to visit Chiang Mai for 9 days end of July. Can I come in for some time and volunteer with you? I am experienced with dogs and cats and shelter work. Thankyou, Sue

  • Paul Milsom

    I have 2 Bunggows born on 24th December 2015. I am in a wheelchair with only the use of one hand and finding training them impossible. Can you help? I live in Chiang Mai.

  • tony young

    hi I was wondering if you have any puppies right now, sorry but we have a kitten, so would be best to get a puppy

  • Annette

    Hi, I would just like to say a very big thank you for taking care of these sick and stray animals. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts. Take care and kind regards, Annette

    • Lek

      Thank you Annette for your supporting. We will do our best to care for these poor homeless dogs in Chiang Mai. Please come to visit us when you’re in Chiang Mai.