Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Chok Dee helps donating blood

Written by admin. Posted in Dog and Cat Rescue Story

We have been contacted by Khun Torlarp Seetarbud to ask for blood donation to his dog, Sai Daeng. Sai Daeng has an anaemia, which caused by blood parasite. Her red blood cell is very low and she needs to have a blood transfusion to survive. The donor has to be over 25 kgs and in good health. Luckily Chok Dee has a blood test and his blood matched with Sai Daeng. Today Chok Dee has a blood transfusion to Sai Daeng under local anaesthetic. He is fine after the donation and Sai Daeng’s condition is getting better, hope he will be back to normal soon. Chok Dee is a rescued dog and he is very friendly and good temperament. We are glad that one of our dogs can save another life to have a chance to live.