Change is Happening for Street Cats

Left in tissue box in the gutter

Left in a tissue box in the gutter

These kittens were left in a tissue box in the gutter outside a Temple. Luckily, Khun Plar  who is building our new cat rescue shelter, found them. They are just a few days old.

Any other time he would have walked away, knowing there was nothing he could do for such tiny kittens. But fortunately, a few days of working with Fon has shown him that there’s now hope for abandoned kittens like this.  He tucked them into his bag and headed for the new shelter. 

They will need dedicated care and bottle-feeding for the next few weeks, she is confident they will make it.  Khun Plar is very proud of his part in saving the kittens and he’s following their progress with interest. He will no doubt talk about this event with his friends and family, and word will spread. This is an important  event for us. Locals are realising that help is on hand for street cats..

The one thing we hear consistently here.. ‘We can’t do anything, there are just too many of them ‘   It’s this feeling of despair that leads to random, careless poisoning of both street cats and dogs.

So many Thai people love their cats, but it seems to be taken for granted that a cats life is short and often tragic. 


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